phocus – DSLR Lens Adapter for iPhone

There are cases that make your iPhone  look like a camera, mimic a camera, and share the same accessories as a camera, but only the phocus DSLR Lens Adapter turns your handheld into a serious shooter. Going one step beyond your other options, the phocus allows you to attach one of your Canon or Nikon DLSR camera lenses to your iPhone as well as lights, microphones, and other gadgets via its additional ports. The phocus comes with its own spacers to maintain the proper focal length depending on the adapter your choose allowing you to switch out telephoto, wide angle, macro, and fixed lenses, which ultimately turns your iPhone into the device you’ve always aspired it to be. Now that your iPhone truly has it all, what are you supposed to do with that thousand dollar DSLR paperweight? Check it out after the jump and at their online shop. via: designboom

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Posted on Wednesday, 18 July
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