hard graft Skinny Fit iPhone 5 Case / Heritage

by Gwyneth Goh

hard graft delivers yet another gorgeous and progressive piece–old-fashioned, dignified protection for the latest technology. This Skinny Fit iPhone case cushions your iPhone 5 between thin layers of fine Italian wool and rich leather, thoughtfully catering for your credit cards and bank notes as well with a separate pocket in the back. Most considerately, a corner has also been left open for conveniently snaking your earphones in. The soft, strong über premium vegetable tanned leather has been selected, dyed and finished by hand with natural tannins to achieve a rich and beautiful brown tan described as Heritage. Handmade by Italian artisans dubbed “The Brothers”, each is a piece of carefully crafted art in itself designed to last the long haul–well, at least until the iPhone 6 comes along. Get it here for £65 GBP (Approximately $104 USD).

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Posted on Friday, 23 November
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